A simple kinda life – Our 5 weeks in Sydney

Hello everyone! I haven’t blogged in a while but I am back! My short absence was due to a little break from our “backpacking” style of life to live a “normal” kinda life while we were in Sydney. It was actually quite nice to feel “normal”, have a steady home for a month, and give ourselves a break from moving from one place to another.

So, while we were here we got ourselves a little routine of Adam pumping out code in the morning, followed by working out/surfing during the day, a TV show in the evening (we got hooked on Breaking Bad) and then dinner with the rest of the guests and our Aussie hosts Kim and Peter. Not bad at all!

We stayed in Manly, a very laid back beach town in north Sydney. Every now and then we would go out with the other travelers staying at the house for some drinks, cruise the ferry for some city action or walk to the beach to catch the sunset and eat meat pies.

Here are some pictures of our simple kinda life in Sydney, enjoy!

From the Sydney Tower Eye

Friend’s gig at the city

Street theater

Map Location