Amsterdam in Pictures

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Amsterdam is one of those places on many’s people “must visit” list, including us. We finally made it possible a few weeks ago. A three-hour train ride took us there from Brussels; it was short

Enjoying the Guilty Pleasures of Bruges

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It was an overcast Tuesday afternoon when we arrived to Bruges. Although I was bundled up with a hat, two sweater layers, a scarf and boots, I could feel the cold rising in my

Thoughts of Paris

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Quick update If you haven’t read our most recent post: First Days in BCN, Adam and I arrived in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago from Asia. Immediately my mother and aunt came to

First Days in BCN: The things you take for granted

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Last week Adam and I celebrated ONE YEAR of travels!!! Not too long ago someone asked us: “How come none of your friends or family have visited you guys…?” Many had intentions to do it, but

Treating Ourselves in Ha Long Bay: Photo Essay

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To finish our trip in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, we treated ourselves with a weekend cruise around Ha Long Bay. What makes Ha Long very unique is the scenery of thousands of tiny islands

Cambodian Genocide

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Although this tragedy happened only a few years before I was born (1975-1979), I knew very little about it and found it very interesting and worthwhile to share. In total, this was a very moving

Bye-Bye Southeast Asia, Hola Barcelona!

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I vividly remember… the impact of the hot and humid air (which I am so used to now) the moment we stepped off of the plane in Indonesia; the smell of incense coming from the corridors of

Celebrating the Full Moon – Local Style

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The rain kept us from exploring much in Hoi An, but Sunday was special; it was the full moon! You are probably thinking: the full moon, so what? Not very special, well in Hoi An

Angkor Wat Avoiding the Crowds

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Angkor, located in Cambodia’s Northern Province of Siem Reap, is one of the most fascinating archaeological places on the planet, definitely the most important in Southeast Asia. The ruins were built 900 years ago by the

A place like no other

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It is already late afternoon. A heavy rain in the morning forced us to change plans from exploring Angkor Wat to visiting a floating market. Although it turned out to be a bit more