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Little Known Wild Adventure in Thailand

Posted by • August 30, 2012 • Northern Thailand ,Southeast Asia ,Thailand 2 Comments

If you read our last post you are aware that we left Thailand last week. This post is about our last week there and one of our favorite experiences from all of Thailand.  A few days

Goodbye Thailand

Posted by • August 24, 2012 • Laos ,Northern Thailand ,Southeast Asia ,Thailand 6 Comments

I will be honest, our initial impression of Thailand was not love at first sight (except for the food, it was fantastic from day one). But coming from Bali we couldn’t avoid comparing the adjustment.

Mastering Pad Thai

Thailand and I got along very well because we both share a special love for food. So much that I even took a cooking class with Adam. I have wanted to share some of the

Tigers and Our Selfish Gene

Posted by • August 15, 2012 • Chiang Mai ,Northern Thailand ,Southeast Asia ,Thailand 6 Comments

Last week we had the opportunity to hang out with, play, cuddle, and pet… real… live… TIGERS! Yes, you read correctly, this was made possible at Tiger Kingdom, a sort of petting zoo in

Inside The Mind of a Blogger, Traveler and Wife

Posted by • August 7, 2012 • About ,Northern Thailand 10 Comments

It is 2:36 pm on Friday and it has rained on and off all morning here in Chiang Mai. I haven’t written anything this week because I’ve been absorbed in the world of blogging

The Black Houses

As I promised in my previous post 24 hours in Chiang Rai here are my favorite pictures of The Black Houses. These houses are a collection of 40 different  buildings filled with skeletons, skulls, skins of exotic

24 hours in Chiang Rai

Posted by • August 1, 2012 • Northern Thailand ,Southeast Asia ,Thailand Add Comment

A few hour ride on the local bus from the border of Myanmar brings us to Chiang Rai. It is 5:30pm. First stop, our bed and breakfast: Baan Rub Aroon. A petite woman comes to the door

Border Run and Palm Reading in Myanmar

Posted by • July 31, 2012 • Myanmar ,Northern Thailand ,Southeast Asia ,Thailand 1 Comment

Thailand Visa Wisdom There is no way out! Everyone staying in Thailand over a month has to deal with the visa situation which can be a pain in the neck. There are three main options

When Reality Meets Fantasy

Who wouldn’t like to visit a world of wizards, fairies and dragons? A place where all the fantasy novels happen? I would! And recently kind of did. Last week we came across one of the

Even Monks Need a Break

Posted by • July 19, 2012 • Northern Thailand ,Southeast Asia ,Thailand 5 Comments

Every once in a while we like to take a break from the go go go.  It helps us reset and fulfill our intermittent want of stability and routine. It also gives us better