Queenstown. I knew we were going to get here eventually and Adam would want to do the highest bungy jump, but I was trying to avoid the thought. Every time I would think about it my hands would sweat, my mouth would get dry, my face would turn pale and my stomach would go in circles.


My natural reaction when thinking about bungy jumping was interesting. A couple of years ago we went sky diving and I was a little nervous, but nothing like this. I even told Adam that I was going to sacrifice by not jumping to save some money. But in the end, I knew I had to get over my fear.

The day finally came. I was so nervous; I couldn’t stop thinking about it. For lunch we went to eat Mexican food and the guy from the restaurant offered us a couple of tequila shots on the house for some courage. Adam was a little anxious, but not like me. My hands were soaked while riding the bus to the Nevis station and my stomach was going crazy.

They quickly equipped us with the proper gear and sent us out on a little cable car to the jumping hut. There were around eight of us and I was second to last to jump. Adam was before me. The wait took forever!

Check out the videos: Adam’s & Pamela’s bungy jump!

It happened very fast and I can’t explain how it feels. All I can say is that it was one of the most frightening and thrilling experiences of my life.  The sensation is very unnatural and unusual. I guess that’s what makes it so exciting: the fact that you don’t experience these kinds of feelings often. And now I can say – I did the Nevis!!!

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