Playas del Caribe al Sur de Costa Rica

Hola! Our recent adventures have taken us to the southernmost part of the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. After a five hour bus ride from San Jose, we arrived in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca.

I would describe Puerto Viejo as a lively, young, touristy beach spot. We stayed at the Vista Verde Hostel owned by a friendly German couple; Olaf and Kathy. During our time there we rented bikes and pedaled down the coast to various smaller beaches and towns: Cocles, Playa Chiquita, Punta Uva and Manzanillo. Our favorite beach there was Punta Uva.

We went for an hour snorkeling session at a reef about 5 minutes from shore. Lots of beautiful coral and colorful fish. As we were making our way back in, we suddenly saw jelly fish floating past. I naturally freaked out and clung behind Adam as he swam us to shore through the schools of jellies. Later we found out that they are not dangerous, but they almost made pee in my bathing suit (I may have…).

We also met another German couple while in Puerto Viejo. They have been traveling for two years doing the opposite route that we are planning to go, so we grilled them for some good tips for our future travels.

Another highlight of Puerto Viejo was a fantastic wild animal rescue center. The founders, Encar and Sandro studied in Barcelona and opened the center three years ago to rehabilitate mistreated, injured and/or confiscated animals, which are then reintroduced to their natural habitat, cool right?! We had a blast playing with monkeys, up close encounters with sloths, and checking out lots of snakes and lizards.

Since we were so close to Panama, we figured why not, and hopped on a bus for Bocas del Toro. Our next update will come when we return to CR!

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