Salta Road Trip – Day Five

Day Five: Purmamarca, Tilcara and Salinas Grandes

Our road trip around Salta came to an end on Sunday, but we finished it visiting some interestingly beautiful places. The first stop was Tilcara, only an hour and a half from Jujuy.

On the way to Tilcara

This small indigenous town was once inhabited by pre-Incans and is now a very popular spot for backpackers and travelers. We arrived on Sunday afternoon and were lucky to see the huge outdoor market at the plaza. After a tasty homemade lunch and a couple of hours roaming around it was time to go. We wished we would have stayed here the night before instead of Jujuy, it seemed like a fun and happening place.


Tortillas with ham and cheese

Baby Llama

Only 20 miles away lies Purmamarca, a town very similar to Tilcara. Purmamarca is surrounded by natural mineral colored mountains called “cerro de los 7 colores”. They are beautiful and make for a wonderful backdrop to the city. In both places, Tilcara and Purmamarca, it feels like time never passed by. It also seems that the locals conserved a more indigenous culture than other small towns that were conquered by the Spanish.



Cerro de los 7 colores – Purmamarca

Last but not not least, (and our favorite place) was Salinas Grandes! These salt flats are a must see if you ever find yourself in northern Argentina. Stretching more than 200 kilometers, this huge vast desert of white, flat, salty land is impressive to see! Adam and I had never experienced anything like this so it was truly an amazing visit. Not to mention there was an incredible lightning storm at the edge of the flats the entire time we were there. It seems like you are on another planet! After the flats we finished our road trip adventure and headed back to Salta.

Salt Flats


Salt flat sunset

Next stop: Mendoza & Wine!!!

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