Salta Road Trip – Day One

Day One – From Salta to Cafayate

A long 23 hour bus ride from Iguazu brought us to one of the most popular areas of northwestern Argentina: Salta. This colonial town surrounded by the Andes is more than 450 years old. Around the main square “Plaza 9 de Julio” are the Cathedral, some museums, coffee bars and ice cream stores. Adam officially fell in love with empanadas, so we made it a habit to go every day to the plaza at sunset for a coffee and a few empanadas.

9 de Julio

Plaza 9 de Julio, Salta

San Francisco Church in Salta

Church in Salta

The Salta Province is very big and tough to explore by bus so we decided to rent a car and road trip for five days to visit as many towns and mountains as we could.

On the road to Cafayate

On day one we drove 190 kilometers south to the small town of Cafayate. The drive was very easy and entertaining. The last hour was especially beautiful as we made our way through an area called Quebrada de las Conchas filled with enormous, red, oddly shaped mountains.

Quebrada de las Conchas

Quebrada de las Conchas

Before we got to Cafayate we made several stops and small off-road hikes to appreciate and photograph the incredible mountains.

Garganta del Diablo en QDC

Amphitheater at Quebrada de las Conchas

Quebrada de las Conchas

Entrance to Amphitheater at Quebrada de las Conchas

On the road, Quebrada de las Conchas

We arrived in Cafayate around 2:00 pm and spent the rest of the day relaxing and exploring town. We finished the day at the plaza with a delicious dinner and a glass of wine from a local vineyard.

Cathedral, Cafayate

To be continued…

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