Salta Road Trip – Day Three and Four

Day Three: Ruta 40 from Cafayate to Cachi

Ruta 40

Here we go again, on the road, this time to Cachi. The town of Cachi is less than 200 kilometers from Cafayate, but not many people go because the only way to get there is a long, bumpy, dirt road: route 40. We decided to do it. We heard from locals in Salta and read on various blogs that the scenery along the road is beautiful. They were right! We were surrounded by incredible valleys and mountains the whole way which made the 5.5 hours more pleasant and entertaining.

Ruta 40

The vibe in Cachi is very different. The town is tiny compared with all of the others we have visited, everyone is unbelievably nice, and it feels very safe and community oriented. Backpackers hung out in the plaza playing guitar and kids ran around playing everywhere. Locals were riding horses and you could barely hear any city noises, only birds and the wind. We dumped our bags in a hostel and relaxed the rest of the day in town. We walked around and shared a Salta beer and pizza at the plaza.


Cathedral, Cachi

Day Four: From Cachi to Jujuy

We had another long drive ahead of us to a northern city called Jujuy. We didn’t hurry this time; woke up, treated ourselves with some eggs for breakfast (typical Argentinean breakfast is coffee or tea and bread with dulce de leche) and bought some fruit for the road. The scenery was the same as the last day until we were north of Salta where we found ourselves on a narrow, windy road through the jungle. The last two hours were spent on the most curvy road I have ever been on. Fortunately, Adam is a driving pro. Unfortunately, he also thinks he’s a race car driver.

On the road from Cachi to Jujuy

We stayed the night in Jujuy. For someone doing the same trip, I would recommend to stop in Jujuy only for a couple of hours and continue north to the smaller towns. Jujuy is a big city, and in our opinion, not a very nice one. The highlight of the night was that I got to try llama stew, a very popular dish in the area. It tasted similar to goat or lamb, I liked it!

To be continued…

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