Searching for Adrenaline– Waitomo Caves

It’s time for some heart pumping adventure! After our Panama cave experience we really wanted to do one of the many spelunking options that this area offers. After some research, we went with the Black Abyss tour.

This excursion begins with an abseil 35 meters into a black hole in the ground; the entrance to the cave. Immediately followed by a rappel and zip-line through the dark we found ourselves deep inside the cave (our guides made sure to add extra excitement to the blind zip-line!).

We found ourselves at an underground river and jumped a couple of meters into the cold water to start black water rafting (cave tubing). This was an incredible experience and the “glow worms” on the cave ceiling added even more awe. These insects are larvae waiting to become a sort of fly that has an extremely large reproductive part, and spends most of its short life reproducing and then dies. They glow a faint green while in the larva stage which makes for a sort of starry sky when you look up. We floated in complete darkness several times to take in the glow worms.

The last part (and my favorite) of our five-hour excitement ended passing through some narrow spaces where we had to walk on all fours, crawl along narrow holes and climb several waterfalls taking us to the exit of the cave into the forest.

Mission accomplished, we got our adrenaline fix!

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