Searching for Dragons (Part 2)

We made our way to Gili Bola, our first island stop, to spend the evening. (“Gili” means island in Indonesian) The highlight of that day was seeing thousands of bats flying above us at sunset. They were “flying foxes”, a species of huge fruit bats. We weren’t sure where they were going, but it was spectacular.

Flying bats at sunset

We traveled to Moyo Island next, beginning at 2 am. We all had a terrible night because the boat started to really rock around as we entered rougher seas. It was moving side to side so bad that at one point I thought we were all going to slide right off of the side of the boat, like sunglasses on your dashboard around a tight turn. After breakfast we took a jump in the water and swam to the deserted island. A 30 minute hike took us to a waterfall where we enjoyed a fresh water shower. Refreshing! Later we went to another island named Satonda to snorkel. The snorkeling was nice, but a strong current made me tired of swimming without flippers. After a few hours we were back in the boat heading to Gili Laba. Everyone went to bed early in hopes of catching some sleep.

On day three, with a better nights rest than the first, we got some morning exercise trekking to the top of Gili Laba. The view was gorgeous; it reminded me of the view of cinder cones at Galapagos. From here we went to snorkel the famous pink beach, also called red beach. It gets its name from tiny red corals mixed in the sand that give a little touch of pink to the white. After great snorkeling and relaxing on the beach we were off to the Komodo Islands, excited to finally get a glimpse of… the Komodo Dragons!

Red coral

To be continued…

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