Our favorite spots in Kuala Lumpur

It was not in our plans to visit Malaysia, but our 15 day visa extension was about to expire so we booked the cheapest round-trip flight from Thailand, and bought ourselves a few days in Kuala Lumpur.

Our bed and breakfast was in the heart of the city, next to Chinatown and the Central Market. Crossing the enormous city to get there from the airport took over an hour!

Finally walking the streets we were captivated by the lights of the capital. We were both excited and curious about the new place. It looked so big and contemporary with its five-star hotels, shopping centers, huge freeways, looming skyscrapers and modern transportation systems.

During the next two days we had a full agenda mixed with extreme heat and spicy food.

Here are our favorite sights in Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy the pictures!

Chinatown– Colorful and vibrant with great local food and cheap imitation goods.

The Petronas Twin Towers. Mind blowing structural design.

Little India. Exactly that, a part of India in Malaysia. As the big Indian food enthusiasts we are, we couldn’t miss it. I loved the color from the saris and the friendly people.

National Palace. Another impressive building. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed past the fence. It was still entertaining to see the soldiers and horses. They switch around and march into the palace.

Orchid Park. A wide collection of gorgeous flowers and plants and panoramic views to the city.

Planetarium. A nice break to avoid the heat and learn some interesting things or watch a movie.

National Mosque Malaysia. Completely modern and astonishing architecture. I just don’t get how all the women can bear having so much clothing in this heat.

Offices of the Colonial Secretariat. Also known as the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. It is in front of the Independence Square. The building houses the offices of the Superior Courts, Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture of Malaysia. The inspiration of its cool design comes from Africa and India.

National Visual Arts Gallery Malaysia. Showing the local creativity. I particularly liked a collection of gelatin silver photos called Time and Now.

Central Market. It reminded me of a cultural bazaar where you can find local food and handicrafts. If you are looking to buy souvenirs, this is the place.

Random restaurant to the side of the Chinatown market? By the end of the day we came back to the city center looking for street food action. We walked deeper into Chinatown and spotted some roadside restaurants, but one in particular caught our attention. Trays and trays of seafood, meats and vegetables ready to be grilled or steam cooked in the boiling water placed at our tables. Of course a Tiger beer to complement and cheers to our successful sightseeing day.

What are some of your favorite spots we didn’t get to see? Leave it in the comments :)


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