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I bought my first and only SLR camera before we started our travels almost one year ago. It has become a delightful part of my life and something that I truly look forward to continue learning.

I am very excited to take part in Travel Supermarket’s Capture the Colour Contest!

We were nominated by fellow bloggers and amazing photographers: Luis from Nomad Life , Harley from Harley Roxanne Photography and Satu from Destination Unknown, thank you guys!

The challenge consists of posting 5 favorite photos of our travels with each representing a particular color. A group of 5 remarkable travel photographers are designated to judge each color category.

Here are my winners! Let me know what you think!


It wasn’t until the last day of our road trip through Salta, Argentina that we made it to Salinas Grandes. It was exactly seven months ago, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. The ominous storm clouds and flashes of lightning made an already fantastic scene even better. For a few moments, Adam walked off on his own and I got this shot. When he came back I asked him what was he thinking about, he looked so focused. He said “I was thinking of how lucky we are to be alive.”



This is one of my most recent pictures from Chiang Mai. We were drinking a cup of coffee in front of the local market. I saw this old man relaxing in his tuk tuk. I kept glancing at him until he turned to look at me. Then I held up my camera and nodded with a smile and he responded the same way. I love Thailand for this very reason! And isn’t he awesome?! His vintage look, the way he was sitting comfortably and confident, his smile, he just seemed to be in the right place and so was I!



I took this picture while we were traveling on a boat from Lombok to Flores, Indonesia. These are the guys from the crew in action. There are so many languages in Indonesia that according to one of the girls (she works in Indo and knows Balinese) they can barely communicate with each other.

They would switch between driving, napping and cooking. We, the passengers, would switch between reading, napping and eating! Our final goal was to see Komodo Dragons but along the way, we stopped to snorkel at the most beautiful virgin islands you can imagine. I will never forget this trip!



We rented a motor-bike in southern Lombok to explore on our own. We stumbled across this little beach and walked along the sand having it almost all to ourselves. Near the end there were several fisherman and women going about their daily work and this little girl playing in the sand. After taking her photo I showed her the picture; she could not stop laughing and I couldn’t help but join in.



I have debated buying a tripod fearing that it would be too cumbersome to backpack with until I finally caved and bought one in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This photo came from my first night playing with it in Chinatown. I felt like a long exposure, right in the heart of the market might show how lively this place is at night.


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