Treating Ourselves in Ha Long Bay: Photo Essay

To finish our trip in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, we treated ourselves with a weekend cruise around Ha Long Bay. What makes Ha Long very unique is the scenery of thousands of tiny islands scattered across the sea, rising straight out of the water like jagged teeth. Everywhere we looked we could see the outlines of islands in all shapes and forms. The water was calm and the weather about perfect for October.

On the first evening we went kayaking at sunset. It was so beautiful to see the sun hiding behind the islands, leaving the sky a reddish color casting long shadows on the water. I’ve never seen anything like it.

The next day, a few of us from the group woke up early for a sunrise picture. Although the sun never came out, the fogginess in the distance made the scene mystical.

Later that morning we went to visit a fishing village. Around 30 tiny houses shaped like boxes were floating on the water, most of them with a little porch and hammocks. Some had dogs as pets.

In the village, children learn how to swim before they learn how to walk. Our guide told us that everyone grew up and stayed in the village for life, continuing their fishing traditions.

After the fishing village we visited a pearl farm. It was very interesting to the planting process. The oysters are pulled out of the water, opened, and a tiny speck of a shell is placed inside. Then they return them to the water and wait many years for the pearl to form.

That evening we went to a beautiful golden beach for a swim.

For dinner we had a lovely surprise; we ate inside a CAVE! I know fancy, huh?!

For us having a western toilet in our rooms was luxury, but having dinner in our own private cave… made me feel like royalty!

Eight course dinner, delicious sea food, grilled meats, cake, and even fruit carvings… WOW! Just look at Adam’s face!

The cruise was fantastic, we couldn’t have finished our trip in southeast Asia in a better way.

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