Inside The Mind of a Blogger, Traveler and Wife

It is 2:36 pm on Friday and it has rained on and off all morning here in Chiang Mai. I haven’t written anything this week because I’ve been absorbed in the world of blogging and it has given me mental diarrhea.

All the “you have to write epic and excellent talk” makes me a little intimidated. Of course my first instinct to loosen up is to go the 7 eleven next door to buy a 22 oz. bottle of Singha (Thai beer) and start drinking. A beer later, here I am and the words are flowing, apparently it’s working (am I becoming a drunk writer?).

I want to tell you about my latest obsession and some of the stuff I learned from my fellow bloggers and myself.

As a long-term (unemployed) traveler, blogging has giving me the balance I need to feel productive. It requires much more from me than what I thought; epic writing, beautiful photography, originality, inspiration, marketing, and lots of patience. All which I found very interesting to learn about.

The world of nomad bloggers is also an interesting one. The more I read other blogs the more I realize how many things we all have in common. In the end, we are all trying to tell our story in a different way; a creative and original way, perhaps.

We want to connect with people; we feel homesick and lonely once in a while; get excited in a new place about local food, but still go to Mickey D’s with the same enthusiasm now and then; we meet amazing people along the way; learn something really cool at some point from someone completely random; drink a lot; eat a lot; worry about money; and learn many things about ourselves.

Chiang Mai at Sunset

Some never stop traveling, it’s hard to stop when there are so many places to go! Others know when it’s time to go back or settle down, but I don’t think they ever stop ether. We acquire an explorer’s eye even at home.

The solo travelers surely have some sexy time stories they don’t write about.  It’s hard for them to find a stable partner because of their constant moving around.

And when you travel with your other half you have to get along, no doubt. There is no room for high maintenance.

Talking from my experience, this is what our friends ask the most, “How can you guys be with each other all the time?” – I don’t know, because we are awesome? ;) They make fun of us, openly and constantly, about being the perfect couple and spending 24/7 together. I know…  It’s a lot! But somehow it works out. We make a good combo. When we are in the same 12×20 apartment all day we are doing our own thing. And when we are in travel mode, we like the same kind of adventures. Although, Adam sometimes get sick of me spending hours snapping pictures, but he copes admirably.

An example of how we spend time here in our apartment… here is a rundown of our last couple weeks in Chiang Mai:

Adam works, reads his book and science blogs, checks his 3 fantasy leagues, bets on and watches the Olympics, chats with some friends here and there, talks to his family, and works some more.

I read my lessons on Blog Brilliantly (excellent course by the way), write, update the blog, read my current book (The Hunger Games), take walks and photos, get distracted in all the social media stuff, talk to my family and friends, edit pictures and read other blogs.

This very morning he installed a program on my computer to be able to CHAT. On Google! When we are next to each other! He said he did it because sometimes he wants to send me cool links and I am not on my Gmail. This makes me laugh, but really illustrates how into our own stuff we can be while stuck inside.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, we also spend time together: we chat about stuff we’re working on or interested in, eat together, visit nearby places, get massages, go walking/exploring, go to a local pub, watch a movie or a show (we’re now hooked on Breaking Bad and Derren Brown).

That is the secret of traveling couples, to be busy! Or at least that is what works for us. We don’t have time to fight. As a matter of fact, I don’t remember the last time I saw Adam angry. About anything.

So these are some of the things I’ve reflected upon lately and stuff we’ve done.

If you are wondering what is next, we will stay in Chiang Mai for another couple of weeks and then go explore more of northern Thailand.

See you next time!



p.s Wow, the beer really helped, maybe I just discovered the real secret of blogging…


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