Salta Road Trip – Day Two

Day Two – Chasing waterfalls and wine tasting in Cafayate

An early start in Cafayate helped us feel energetic and motivated for our next adventure. We had heard about a hike to 3 famous waterfalls at the tourist information office the day before and it was also one of the guided excursions that they were offering in town. Since we had a car already we decided to find them by ourselves without a guide. We arrived before anyone else and there were no signs of where to start the trek. We wandered around and found a little old lady that was opening her empanada stand nearby. She told us to start at the Colorado river and just follow it up the mountain. Seemed easy, right?! I must confess the hike was a bit more intense than I was expecting, especially without a guide. We got lost a couple of times, took off our shoes and waded across the river more times than necessary, all while hiking and bouldering our way up the river. It was fun, exciting, and bit dangerous. The most challenging part was near the end, close to the last waterfall. We were lucky to find a guided group of 4 people and asked to join up with them to the top and back down. The last 15 minutes were spent down climbing a steep section above the river, then back up to the waterfall. It was a little crazy, but fun! More than 5 hours later we made it back to the car, tired, but really happy we decided to go.

Following the Colorado river, Cafayate

Cute little cactus that caught my attention along the way

First waterfall

Second waterfall

On the way to the last waterfall

And we made it!

The secret number four waterfall, a nice unexpected one!

In the late afternoon we went to visit a couple of Cafayate’s well-known vineyards and did some wine tasting following by another exquisite dinner. I had a traditional dish (can’t remember the name of it) a soup made of corn and meat. Adam had “Cazuela de Cabrito” (goat stew). Both were delicious.

Bodega Domingo Hermanos, Cafayate

Bodega Domingo Hermanos

More please!

His saying was “Where ever there is culture there is no slavery”

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