Uluwatu Temple

Unlike the rest of Bali, the Bukit peninsula, better known as Uluwatu, doesn’t care about pleasing anyone but laid back surfers and unworried travelers.  This is where we chose to spent our last week in Indonesia. While here we rented a motorbike for about four dollars a day and wandered around. We found amazing fish tacos (San Diego would be proud), cool little bars to catch the sunset over the ocean, and not much more but that was all we wanted.

One of the main attractions of the area is the Uluwatu Temple. We visited it twice. The first time, we walked around the temple and took pictures over the cliff while the sun was making its way down giving a pinkish color to the sky.  There were many monkeys playing in and around the temple. One of them surprised Adam from behind and quicker than he could imagine, snatched my camera case with both of our sunglasses inside from his hand! Adam was so mad! “How can a monkey get the best of me?!”, he said. The monkey managed to open the case, pull out both pairs of sunglasses, and held all three for ransom high up in a tree. One of the guides jumped the fence to get closer and threw snacks, one by one, to the monkey in exchange for our things. A well-deserved tip for the guide’s snacks and the effort, or were he and the monkey in on it?! Who knows but Adam felt obligated to tip the man, after all he successfully recovered our stuff.

The temple was not the most amazing we’ve seen, but what makes it more attractive is the stunning view over the ocean from the cliff. While taking pictures we heard chants and songs drifting our way. Later we found out that a local dance is performed there daily at 6pm but we just missed it. After a few days we came back to see the “Monkey Dance”.

Balinese traditional dance is performed by making very slow body movements guided by the arms, hands and fingers. The many facial expressions are part of the show.

The rest of the time was spent reading, working, planning our next stop through Thailand, sunsets, more fish tacos and the last day we visited Kuta for a day of fun in a huge water park.

Adam’s favorite!

Until the next time, from Thailand!

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