Valparaiso and Vina del Mar

Sunset at the bay, Valparaiso

A new country to cross off from our wish list: Chile! It took us six hours from Mendoza to go over the border to Valparaiso and I can’t tell you how happy we were to see and feel the breeze of the Pacific, we were craving it! Some words that describe Valparaiso: hipster, bohemian, beach, cultural, art, graffiti, Pablo Neruda, left, colorful, sunsets.

Cerro Concepcion


About Chileans, they seemed very down to earth, hospitable, and genuinely nice. Not to mention they talk extremely fast, even for a Mexican. In general, costs were a little lower than Argentina, but not much and the hostels are a lot nicer. We stayed in two different hostels: the first was a tall house a block from the beach with amazing views to the bay from our window: Le Mansion do Filou owned and operated by Fabian, a very nice Frenchman; two days later we moved to La biciclette, a block from Le Mansion and very nice in its own way. Around our hostels in the neighborhood of Conception Cerro we found many restaurants, bars, boutiques and museums all with beautiful views to town and the bay.





We really enjoyed visiting the house of Pablo Neruda. Pablo was a famous poet, writer, diplomat and politician. He was very eccentric and his house in Valparaiso proves it. The views to town and the bay from here are gorgeous!

Pablo Neruda’s window

Pablo’s house

Pablo Neruda

We spent a day at the beach in Vina del Mar. Vina is only fifteen minutes up the coast from Valparaiso. Adam and I were surprised by the number of people crowded into each beach. Here are some more photos, enjoy!

Vina del Mar

Artisan beer from Chile

Mastodon Restaurant

Views from the house of Pablo Neruda



…next we’re off to hike a Volcano!!!

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