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My name is Pamela Weeg (formerly known as Pamela Avellan).

In September 2011, I got married to the coolest geek in the world, Adam Weeg. Since then, we have roamed around the world in a sort of never-ending honeymoon.

I write about it, and take far too many pictures.

Before the big trip, we were living in San Diego, California and loving life. Adam was working for an IT consulting company and I for a non-profit. During internal changes in Adam’s company, he saw the opportunity of remote development work and after some discussion, the possibility of being nomads became a reality.

I quit my job in San Diego as a program coordinator; we sold almost everything and bought our freedom!

It wasn’t easy for us to sell our hard-earned possessions, move into a backpack, or say goodbye to our friends, but it’s turning out to be the adventure of our lives.


How the blog got started

It started as a promise I made our moms to keep them posted on everything we do. Also to record and remember everything about this once in a life time adventure.

My first post really sucked. I published my first 20 pictures and wrote exactly this:

A place to relax…

(that’s it).

The good thing is that it could only get better after that :)

Now I write about destinations, publish any photos I think are worth sharing, food, lifestyle and whatever else crosses our mind.

We travel on a mid-range budget, don’t splurge, but enjoy the occasional bottle of wine.

If you are new to our site, let me give you an introduction:

What’s “the Weegs” about? This blog embodies our journey through the world, our thoughts and experiences, our relationship, and our new family. It doesn’t have an end. It is open, flexible and adaptable to our frame of mind. In other words, it’s developing along with our interests and life.

Why are we writing this blog? To tell you what we go through, share it with our kids in the future, inspire others to do what makes them happy and be where they want to be, entertain, tell you about places we visit and to learn from doing it.

Some of our interests:  Travel, nature, scuba, adventure, food, photography, dogs, cooking, minimalism, blogging, new projects, challenges, books, sports, exploring, living outside of the “norm”. Many times we seek adrenaline and adventure, but also like to just read a good book and relax at the beach.

– Check out the Blog with all the posts and the Map of places we’ve been,

Gallery page

– And the love Story

Showing Off

So far we have visited 19 countries in one year.

We have been scuba diving in Mexico, EcuadorIndonesia and Thailand, been spelunking in Bocas del Toro, hiked to the top of a volcano in Chile, trekked the Inca Trail and Patagoniabungee jumped and hiked a glacier in New Zealand, the list goes on. We hope to do more and more!

You are welcome to come and meet us along the way!


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Pamela and Adam

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