Wonderland Scuba Diving

Labuan Bajo

After three days on a boat without a shower and with poor sleep we arrived in Labuan Bajo. We didn’t book anything before we got there so we started wandering around town together with our 90 pounds of belongings. After asking in a couple of places we found an amazing bed and breakfast; one of the best throughout our whole travels. I took a long shower that felt like heaven and rested all day with a break for dinner with our group from the boat. The next day we treated ourselves with a massage. We ended the day having dinner and beers at a bar playing live music with Leonie, Mateo, Cinzia, Julian and Rudolph.

Casa Selini

At 7am we headed out on a dive boat to the middle of the Komodo National Park. This marine national park boasts some of the best diving in the entire world! The first dive site was called “White Sands” and it was nice with many corals and fish all set against a beautiful white sand hill. My favorite moment was when a stingray swam around us for a while. He wasn’t shy at all and came very close, finally disappearing in the deep blue.

The second dive was at “Orange Grove”. It was ridiculously amazing!  The quantity and diversity of fish and coral around us was surreal; small fish, big fish, immense schools of fish, colors and shapes that are beyond imagination.  I felt like I was in some sort of Alice and Wonderland sea version. The entire dive we were pulled along by a steady current. Sometimes we went minutes without moving a muscle, just drifting and taking in every single moment trying to embed it deeply in our memory. We were completely in the moment, and just like in life- when we least expected it, a black tipped shark swam right in front of us! (our first shark!). We also saw two huge moray eels and many Hawks Billed turtles. Adam and I both agreed that we don’t know if it can get much better than that. Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures under water. Maybe it’s time to invest in an underwater camera :)

Resort Island next to Labuan Bajo

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